Websphere Wednesday, 2017-04-26

The weekly Websphere Wednesday. A collection of WebSphere topics on mainly WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker.

IBM Forum Threads on WebSphere MQ

Description: Latest threads from IBM's MQ related forums.

Sending messages – choices for multi-QM client attachment

URL: http://ift.tt/2pxXer7
Good Morning We are migrating all our distributed applications from MQ 7 to IIB 10 and one of the approaches suggested to send messages to Q via Code Stub style Can you please help us understand how the code is supposed to be changes. present applications writes into ONE Q, using a queue connection factory... following is the code snippet String queueN ...Read more

MQSeries.net Forum Threads On WebSphere MQ

Description: Various WebSphere MQ related forum threads from MQSeries.net.

Deleting messages based on their length.

URL: http://ift.tt/2pgLztE
Hi experts, I have 1000 messages in the queue and needs to purge the messages which size was "zero" and I can see the different length of messages in the queue so can someone please give a command/process to delete the same. Thanks in advance. ...Read more

Very strange MQRC 2540

URL: http://ift.tt/2py7XBE
I have scoured the internet and these forums for this particular issue, but have not come to anything close in similarity. I have a Linux MQ Client V7.5, trying to connect to my Linux MQ Server V8.0.0.4 using the MQSERVER environment variable. The client gets a 2540 (Channel Unknown), but that is not the issue, well it is, but it isn't. MQSERVER=API.SVRCONN/TCP/ is set, but ...Read more

How to dump current MQ authorizations in a output file

URL: http://ift.tt/2pgTVBA
Hi, I am trying to dump mq configuration and authorizations in a output file and using following commands(examples) : dmpmqcfg -m IIBQMGR -a > IIBQMGR.mqsc dmpmqaut -m IIBQMGR > IIBQMGR.mqaut For dmpmqcfg, I get output in a file. But dmpmqaut is just displaying over screen and not writing down output in IIBQMGR.mqaut. Though IIBQMGR.mqaut is getting formed but empty(0 KB). ...Read more

Migrating to the MQ Appliance - User ID authority/config

URL: http://ift.tt/2pxYVEJ
We are migrating the Q-mgrs from Unix to MQ Appliance. (MQ V9.0x) On the MQ Appliance, we are not using local users/groups, but LDAP is being used. However on the current Unix systems, LDAP is not used, but local users (local to all of the Unix Servers) are used. We are doing a test to connect from our existing MQ client 8.0x using perl scripts to the MQ Appliance. The perl script runs o ...Read more

MQFT agent on a client machine

URL: http://ift.tt/2pgC7qo
The latest MQ V9 client does not appear to contain any MQFT support. How does one create an agent on a client machine? ...Read more

WebSphere Red Books

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