BizTalk Monday, 2017-01-30

The weekly BizTalk Monday. A collection of Microsoft BizTalk and script related updates from last week.

BizTalk Forum Threads

Description: Various BizTalk related forum threads from MS MSDN.

Ordered Delivery on BizTalk Dynamic port

URL: http://ift.tt/2aN7EwN
Hi all. I know this is yet another question on ordered delivery of messages. But, this is an entirely different scenario and hence a separate question. There are files 'One' and 'Two' 'One' will be send first and 'Two' follows. Both are send to the same send port and same folder location ('One' is send to operation1 and 'Two' is sent to operation2). I am using a dynamic send port. 'One' ...Read more

BizTalk Schema Exposed as WCF - Itinerary - Acknowledgement Response

URL: http://ift.tt/2kKl4ct
Hello I would like to expose a schema as a WCF service to external clients to which they will be submitting request messages. There is a Itinerary that we would like to trigger when the request messages come in. Its easy as I can configure the Itinerary on the new receive location that BizTalk creates when exposing the schema. The problem is that this Itinerary can take long time to complete an ...Read more

BizTalk 360 - in monitoring REST WebAPI services ?

URL: http://ift.tt/2kJdVJL
Hi - does anyone have any idea how can REST services, web API's, SOAP services can be monitored using BizTalk 360 ? Are there any major benefits of using BizTalk 360 for these kinda services ? Is there any addional error logs it shows in details compared to event viewer in Admin console ? Mention advantages, disadvantages using BizTak 360 ? MBH ...Read more

Grabbing a hyperlink out of a XML message

URL: http://ift.tt/2fwUe9E
Hi, I wonder if the following scenario's are possible in Biztalk because i couldn't find much about it? Scenario 1: We call a webservice and get a response which looks like below: <message> <Customer>Its us</Customer> <Journalpostlink>http://ift.tt/2gDo8Fh; </message>Now i want Biztalk to download the xml f ...Read more

How to make FTP adapter to pull all the files in FTP

URL: http://ift.tt/2k4p5sd
Hello, I have implemented a small solution which takes files each second from ftp and then it transforms it and send it to another ftp folder using an orchestration with Scope Transaction Type = None. It works but I have seen that it takes between 14 and 15 files per second. Is it possible to increase the quantity of files being taken by FTP? Is there another FTP adapter that is not from MS ...Read more

BizTalk scripts

Description: Newly released BizTalk scripts from MS Script Center.

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Other newly released scripts

Description: Other newly released scripts from MS Script Center.


URL: http://ift.tt/2kKrict
This is a simple script for removing multiple Office 365 user accounts. The script reads user principal names from a csv file that needs to be stored in the same directory as the script. Read the help output before running the script. The script accepts one parameter that is mand ...Read more

Monitor sensitive user and group activities within a domain

URL: http://ift.tt/2kJphS7
This OMS view enables quick overview of sensitive users account actions and monitor membership of some default and custom domain groups. Please have in mind that you need to enabe appropriate security audit settings in Default Domain Controllers policy so that data can be collec ...Read more

Remote Desktop Services 2012 Environment Report

URL: http://ift.tt/2khW7s0
This Powershell based script helps you to understand servers roles, GateWay basic configuration, and collections with your resources created in your Session and Virtualization host,in your RDS 2012 Environment. ...Read more

SQL Optimization In PowerShell (Rebuilding / Reorganizing Indexes & Heaps)

URL: http://ift.tt/2jI0VGo
SQLOptimizer is a PowerShell script that uses standard .Net framework classes to connect to a specified SQL instance and perform optimization routines on indexes or heaps. It also attempts to perform optimization on certain objects such as internal tables that are only accessib ...Read more

Write-FileLog (Redirect script output in a file and host console)

URL: http://ift.tt/2jtaLsk
Script writes array of strings to log file, if log file does not exist tries to create new file at the selected path. Also it can skip Null strings and write info before and after string. Script is able to fill file logs and write an output to console simultaneously. ...Read more


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