Websphere Wednesday, 2016-11-16

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IBM Forum Threads on WebSphere Broker

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DFDL Trim Space

URL: http://ift.tt/2ffvaQj
I require my output file to trim the spaces which are there in the element xyz, I used the below in dfdl xsd , however it is not working and still having spaces. Please help.. <dfdl:nilKind="literalValue" dfdl:nilValue="%ES;" dfdl:useNilForDefault="yes" ibmDfdlExtn:sampleValue="value9" minOccurs="0" name="xyz" nillable="true" type="xsd:string" dfdl:textTrimKind="padChar" dfdl:textStringPadC ...Read more

IIB 10: Newbie: XSD Missing in Message Model field

URL: http://ift.tt/2eExjsu
Hi Everyone, I'm new to IIB 10, and after following the tutorial from this Redbook and reading this Knowledge Center page, it seems I should model my XML file, which I've done using an XSD (see images attached). But now, I can't find my XSD file when I click #3 below. That may be normal but I expected it to appear. Can anybody explain it? ...Read more

ANT Script : Automation of build and deploy bar file

URL: http://ift.tt/2ffpZQm
Hi All, I have created a ant script to build and deploy the bar but facing an issue when deploying a bar file. Do I need to create the mqsideployscript.bat where as in IIB9 they have provided which we can find in bin directory. Any inputs please Environment : Windows Version : IIB 10 Error : D:\Users\user\IBM\IIBT10\workspace\build1.xml:10: The following error occurred while e xec ...Read more

HTTP Request

URL: http://ift.tt/2eEwmR1
Do IIBv10 HTTP request nodes supports parallel Synchronous calls ?? How do we achieve Muti threading for HTTP out calls at a Node level? ...Read more

IIB as an MQ subscription extended selector

URL: http://ift.tt/2ffsJgL
I have an MQ subscription that uses IIB as an extended selector. This is IIB with MQ 7.5. The selector string is in this style - Body.tag1.tag2.tag3 = 'XXX' There is no message set deployed in any of the IIB integration servers for this XML schema. I enabled an IIB integration server to be a content based filter via - mqsichangeproperties MYNODE -e MYIS -o ContentBasedFiltering - ...Read more

IBM Forum Threads on WebSphere MQ

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.NET. Reusing a MQQueueManger in Distributed Transaction

URL: http://ift.tt/2eEwnEz
I'm writing a .NET application using TransactionScope [.Net transactions]. The code is a simple loop using the same MQQueueManager instance: - receive from a Topic subscription - save to MSSQL db - send translated message to another Topic - commit transaction When I get to the top to get the new message, I get a MQRC_GLOBAL_UOW_CONFLICT exception. I understand that transaction ...Read more

How to supress FDC files creating by MQ Client ?

URL: http://ift.tt/2ffutGA
In my Weblogic Cluster(AdminServer, OSB-MS1, OSB-MS2) environment, I could find the "/FFDC" folder under "<<OSB_DOMAIN_HOME>> " in which N number of "*.FDC" (JMSxxxxxx.FDC) files getting generated. As per initial analysis, I understood that IBM MQ Client which is installed in our box is generating this .FDC log files whenever any failure event occurs while establishing conne ...Read more

ascii to ebcdic conversion

URL: http://ift.tt/2eEyKqU
I have a bit of a bug I cannot quite figure out. I have an RPG program running on an Iseries. It performs an MQGET on messages from an Windows server. If the MQGET is unsuccessful due to a buffer being too small the buffer is reallocated with enough memory and the MQGET is executed again. It appears the the first MQGET translates the message from ascii to ebcdit. The second MQGET if execut ...Read more

MQSeries.net Forum Threads On WebSphere Broker

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Error Sending mail from EmailOutput Node using Gmail server

URL: http://ift.tt/2ffqbz3
Hi All, I am trying to send a mail using the free Gmail SMTP server smtp.gmail.com:465. I have configured the broker using the follwing commands mqsicreateconfigurableservice WBRK61_DEFAULT_BROKER -c SMTP -o SMTP_Alias mqsichangeproperties WBRK61_DEFAULT_BROKER -c SMTP -o SMTP_Alias -n serverName -v smtp.gmail.com:465 mqsichangeproperties WBRK61_DEFAULT_BROKER -c SMTP -o SMTP ...Read more

IIB aggregation with http design

URL: http://ift.tt/2eEwNeh
I have a requirement were I have to call a service for each identifier in my input and then send a consolidated reply back. Flow design: HttpInput -> AggregateControl -> Compute -> Http Asynchronous Request (backend service async call) -> AggregateRequest Within the same flow I have defined another path for response: Http Asynchronous Respone -> AggregateReply -> ...Read more

share your experience with egit and toolkit

URL: http://ift.tt/2ffkelV
Hey guys, Just want to get your thoughts on egit on toolkit. ...Read more

JDBC connections to sql db from broker v8.0.0.1

URL: http://ift.tt/2eEzAUH
I have a requirement to change the db server name . So do I need to restart the Broker after changing the new server name by using mqsichangeproperties. ...Read more

Getting ProcessID was deadlocked on lock resources error

URL: http://ift.tt/2ffry0S
We are getting below error when the message flow is updating the records in the SQL Server database and the message broker version is 8.5 Error: SQL exception-40001//1205//[unixODBC][IBM][ODBC SQL Server Legacy Driver][sqlserver]Transaction(ProcessID 54) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim.Rerun the transaction. ...Read more

MQSeries.net Forum Threads On WebSphere MQ

Description: Various WebSphere MQ related forum threads from MQSeries.net.

Invalid Leading Characters in Messages from iSeries App

URL: http://ift.tt/2eEw4JX
I've been investigating an issue as an encoding issue for some time, but no longer believe that is the case but need help to troubleshoot. Messages from an application running on iSeries are arriving on queue with extra leading characters and I can't pinpoint exactly why. The application connects to a v6 queue manager running locally on the iSeries and writes to a clustered queue residing on a ...Read more

MQ Gateway Cluster

URL: http://ift.tt/2ffoemj
Dears, I have the situation where there are two nodes of IIB and MQ gateway Queue manager as a gateway for services consumers and a gateway queue manager for the providers. Currently each provider establish one continuous connection with the providers gateway to listen for any message arriving from the IIB. A new requirement required to add one more provider queue manager so there will be two ...Read more

Find Changes of parameters of Queue manager.

URL: http://ift.tt/2eECiJH
hi Docs, hope all are doing well. I am using MQ version 6.0 in AS400 server with OS400 os version V6 R1. I have very little bit Idea of OS400 OS. Recently i found someone or some how the attributes are being changed. I have corrected some but still want to check if anyother things are changed. I have checked all files , logs , paths but iam not able to find anything corresponding. ...Read more

WebSphere Red Books

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