Webservice PingPong

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HTA application that allows operators to immediately check the status of web services.

This performed by sending in a SOAP requests (that the user can fully customize) to one or more web services.

For each web service tested the following information is presented back to the user:

Number of web services reported OK - HTTP status code 200 was sent back from web service.

Number of web services reported WARNING - Warnings is usually the results given when the webservice took longe than expected to send a respond back.

Number of web services reported NOK - HTTP status code sent back from the web service is anything else than 200.

Detailed information of each web service check is also presented in a report that presents the following information:

Web service URL - The web service URL used.

HTTP status code - The HTTP status code sent back.

HTTP readystate - The HTTP readystate sent back.

Status summary - Short information if the attempt was successful, when the attempt was performed, and how long it took.

Request sent - The SOAP request sent in to web service.

Response result - The SOAP response sent back from the web service.

All the information in the reports can then be extracted to a html file, by clicking the "Export to report"-button.

Webservice PingPong

Download from: TechNet Script Gallery

Installation and configuration:

1) Download the package from the download link on this page. Extract the content to a machine that's allowed (through firewalls and such) to directly communicate with the web servers you have in mind.

2) Edit the file "/config/soap.config". For each web service you will be using enter a WebserviceName, WebserviceTimeOutSec, WebserviceURL, and SoapFile.

3) Move your SOAP request files to the "/config/soap_msgs/ folder. Make sure the file name is exactly the same as you entered for each SoapFile variable. From previous step 2.

4) Start WebService PingPong by double clicking WebservicePingPong.hta in the root folder.

5) Select some or all web services presented in the "Available webservice(s)" list (top left window).

6) Choose if you want to show all types of results sent back in the "Result" menu.

7) Press the "Ping selected" button.

8) Allow the script to run for a while (it will minimize itself when working). Until a msgbox appears saying it's finished.

9) Review the results and press the "Export to report" button if you like to export the results.

Please post all your comments and recommendations regarding this script on this page, thank you!


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