Set Artifact Status


"Set Artifact Status" helps you to dynamically set the following BizTalk artifacts to the available statuses:

SendPorts:  Started, Stopped, Enlisted, or Unenlisted

ReceiveLocations:  Disabled or Enabled

Orchestrations:  Started, Stopped, Enlisted, or Unenlisted

Host Instances:  Started or Stopped

You do this by calling on the "set_status.ps1" PowerShell script, followed by an path to an XML configuration file. In the mentioned configuration file is a list of BizTalk services listed. With it's BizTalk service type, name, and expected status. Which the script will use and execute in the order from top to bottom.

See "Installation and configuration" below for more details on how to start using "Set Service Status".

Script written and tested for BizTalk 2010 edition.


Set Artifact Status

Download from: TechNet Script Gallery

Installation and configuration:

1) Move the script package (download link to package available on this page) to your BizTalk server and extract it to folder of your choice.

2) Start editing the XML-file  (or better yet create your own copy of it) located in "\configs\template_config_file.xml".

3) Add a BtArtifact-tagg for each BizTalk artifact you want to dynamically change status for. Set it's artifact type, name, and status. Exactly how you do this is explained in the comment section of the original "\configs\template_config_file.xml" file.

4)  Start up the PowerShell prompt, navigate to the folder where you extracted the script, and finally run the script. But when doing so add an path to the XML-config you'd like to use.
Here's an example of the last two steps:
cd "C:\FullPathToScriptPackage"
.\set_art_status.ps1 .\configs\template_config_file.xml

5) The result will be presented to you directly in the PowerShell prompt. This result will also be saved as a txtlog in the "\log" folder for later reference.

Please post all your comments and recommendations regarding this script on this page, thank you!


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