Restart host instances using a BizTalk binding file

Been a long time since I last updated the site with any new scripts. Most of my "integrationadmin.com time" has gone to promoting the YouTube video I did for WebService PingPong and the rest of the time I've put into this huge BizTalk script which I've yet to finish.

However these last couple of days I got and idea for a minor (but useful) tool I've been wanting to do for some time. This week the final parts finally came into place and here's the result.

As the title to this post gives away it's a script that "restart host instances using a BizTalk binding file".

The idea is to use this script in deployment scenarios. I know myself that small mistakes (with big impact) can easily occur when stressing through a deployment.

So instead of having to identify which host instances that needs to be restarted after importing your binding file, you may instead send the path of the binding to this script.

Which will then identify all unique host instance names in the binding file, and (only) if the host instances fulfill the following requirements:
  • Host instances name from binding is present on local BizTalk machine.
  • Host instances identified from binding is currently in running state on local BizTalk machine.
  • Host instances identified is not of host type "isolated" on local BizTalk machine.
It will start restarting the those host instances for you on the local BizTalk machine where you run the script.

The output will be saved to a logfile for tracking purposes.

Please post all input and comments on the comment section under this page, thank you!


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