Update: MS03 support pac is withdrawn! See this link for more info.


A Powershell script that's wrapped around WebSphere MQ supportpac MS03.

MS03 is a tool provided by IBM to allow users to create MQSC script backups for their queuemanagers.

The script itself uses XML configuration files, to determine how it should use MS03.

For example if the qmgrs are remote or local, what MQ version to use, and so on.

See "Installation and configuration" to read more about how you install and configure these mentioned XML configuration files.



Download from: TechNet Script Gallery

Installation and configuration:

1) Download and install the very latest WebSphere MQ Client, using this link.

2) Download and install MS03 for Windows, using this link.

3) Download "PS MS03" (see "Download from" for download link). Extract the content to same machine as you performed step 1 & 2 on.

4) Place the entire "ms03_win" folder (from step2) in the root of ".\ps_ms03" folder.

5) Configure the XML configuration file ".\config\qmgrs.xml". This file contains the connection details MS03 will use to connect to specified qmgrs. For each qmgr there's a important OptionsFile tag. Default is set to ".\config\qmgr_options_file.xml" and further information regarding the file is pointing towards is explained in next step.

6) Configure the XML configuration file "config\qmgr_options_file.xml". This is where you set all the MS03 options. Each tag/option is described with a comment inside  "qmgr_options_file.xml".

7)  Start up the PowerShell prompt, navigate to the folder where you extracted the script, and finally run the script. here's an example on how to navigate & executing the script:
cd "C:\FullPathToScriptPackage"

8) The result will be presented to you directly in the PowerShell prompt. This result will also be saved as a txtlog in the "\saved_qmgrs" folder for later reference.

Please post all your comments and recommendations regarding this script on this page, thank you!


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